Thursday, May 6, 2010

Porter is 3 yrs old!!!

I can not believe that Porter is 3yrs old today. It seems
just like yesterday that we were rushing out to Shiprock to welcome him
into the world. This little boy is SO full of ENERGY. He never stops. We love him
so much and would not change anything.We are so thankful that
he is in our lives. Some people think he
is crazy, which he is, but he is a boy!! And we love him
CrAzY and all. We love you Porter ~Happy Birthday~Porter got to have cake at daycare today. He was
so excited to share his cake with all is "friends"
This is the best picture I could get with him and his cake without having
it down and and all the other kids in the pic.

Porter at home eating yet another cupcake. This time with his
candle on it!!! He couldn't wait to blow out the candle.

Porter and Mommy!

Porter and Daddy!

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